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14 Czerwiec 2020
Asterogue is a free for limited time on itch.io. Ends September 27, 2021 at 6:00 PM.


You discover a hollow asteroid filled with procedurally generated mines, facilities, alien creatures, and space-loot.

It's a fast, light, minimal, roguelike that is easy to pick up and put down, with sci fi pixel aesthetics and juicy game-feel. A turn-based "coffeebreak" roguelike RPG game with pixel art graphics and random procedurally generated levels. Balance futuristic hand weapons, armour, chemicals, nanotech, medkits and food as you battle weird creatures from outer space.

Procedurally generated.
Gorgeous 8-bit pixel art by Oryx.
Descend through 17 unique and challenging levels.
Battle futuristic aliens to gain XP and loot.
Drink chem beakers, use nanotech, collect weapons to level up.
Carefully tuned controls for keyboard and mobile devices.
Authentic roguelike permadeath mechanic.

Defining characteristics:
Roguelike. Not a roguelite. Inspired by the original Rogue.
Minimal. Not a "kitchen sink" roguelike.
↠ Juicy. Lots of game-feel and animation.
Simple controls. You can play "without having to overcome super convoluted controls with a million key commands."
Coffeebreak playable. Aims to be "just big enough to make victories feel fun and worth it but short enough that losses don't feel like you've thrown away your afternoon."

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, a chiptune rendition of Holst's The Planets, sliced and diced.

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