Beaker Browser


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13 Czerwiec 2017
Beaker Browser is a web browser unknown to the general public. It is not a traditional browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome; Beaker Browser goes further. The program makes it possible to host files or websites on its machine & these files can be shared in P2P..
Beaker is a peer-to-peer browser with tools to create and host websites. Don't just browse the Web, build it.

Beaker is the world's first Web browser with builtin tools for hosting content directly from your computer. No services required.
The DAT protocol is an experimental peer-to-peer protocol. It allows to share files in a secure way. Like the Torrent protocol the files can be downloaded from several sources. Beaker Browser is the first browser and the first client for this protocol. Initially launched on macOS, the browser is now available on Windows and contrary to expectations, the program is relatively easy to use.

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