AudioVideo Boom 3D Desktop - 75% OFF - (Windows & Mac)


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14 Czerwiec 2020
Get 75% discount on your Boom 3D for Windows & Mac.

- $39.99 $10 - (Compatible only with Windows 10)
Mac - $39.99 $10.01 - (macOS 10.10.3 or later)

Boom 3D is powered by a patented 3D audio engine that lets users play all content with incredible 3D effects on ANY headphones, from any player, any media, any streaming services. The app gives you the freedom to sculpt and fine-tune audio with its cutting-edge features like the handcrafted 31- Band Equalizer, amazing Audio Effects, and much more. With Boom 3D, movies on Netflix, videos on YouTube, music on Spotify, and effects from games will sound the way they were intended to be heard, letting the users finally hear all those tiny details in three-dimensional clarity!

Boom 3D is a pro audio enhancement app that has been designed to play all your media content with incredible 3D effects on ANY headphones /speakers, from any player, any media, any streaming services.

Specially designed for gaming, our multi-channel 3D surround brings unmatched clarity to every game interaction. From the muted footsteps of your opponent to the roar of a dragon, Boom 3D renders the detail in all its crispness and clarity, leading you to victory!

With its innovative 3D audio technology, Boom 3D can completely transform the way you listen to music or watch movies.

Normal stereo audio has a very limited specialness with left and right sound sources and hence feels less realistic.

Boom 3D with its unique sound staging algorithm extracts audio components from stereo track and adds incredible spatial effects by creating virtual sound sources to make audio listening on headphones magical and extremely realistic.

- 3D Surround Sound: Like the PC version, Boom can deliver a powerful surround sound experience on any headphones.
- Equaliser Presets: You can fiddle with the advanced equalizer that offers a wide range of customizable options or select one of the 27 presets that come with it.
- Audio Intensity Slider: The slider lets you tune up bass or treble according to your preferences.
- Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal Integration: You can connect your Spotify, Tidal, or Apple Music accounts with Boom to experience the quality sound from the app.
- Radio and Podcasts: Along with support for major music streaming services, Boom also gives you access to more than 20,000 radio and podcasts stations!
- An advanced 31-band equalizer for precise audio tuning. Boom 3D for Mac & Windows also provides a range of presets carefully handcrafted to match different genres and individual tastes of listening.

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