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23 Wrzesień 2016

CudaText jest edytorem plików tekstowych, który może być przydatny dla programistów, gdyż obsługuje języki: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, XML (w sumie jest ich ponad 180). Program pozwala na: grupowanie otwartych dokumentów, wyświetlanie miniaturki całego dokumentu, kolorowanie składni, duplikowanie/przesuwanie/usuwanie wybranych linii, wstawianie wcięć, szybkie przechodzenie do wybranej linii oraz autouzupełnianie i wyświetlanie zdjęć w przypadku edycji plików HTML i CSS. Aplikacja obsługuje skróty klawiaturowe, a jej funkcjonalność można rozszerzyć za pomocą dostępnych wtyczek.

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Źródło: programiki.pl

+ added
- fixed
* changed

1.20.0 (2017/09)
+ reworked UI tabs: added option "ui_tab_button_layout"
+ option "ui_reload_unsaved_confirm"
- fix: painting on resize
- fix: ProjectManager using of old api

1.19.2 (2017/09)
+ main toolbar is now wrappable
+ UI tabs: added scroll arrows (left side) for lot of tabs
+ UI tabs: don't paint angled tabs (slow) if tab count>10
+ added theme color "tabs, special marks"
* change theme "sub": side panel made dark

1.19.0 (2017/09)
+ colored underlines for HTML's rgb(), for ex rgba(200, 200, 0, .4)
+ support no-break-space U+00A0: in show unprinted, in go-to-next-word
+ replace with reg.ex.: support change case (modifiers \U \L) for Unicode
+ option "ui_tree_show_tooltips" (turn off, if tooltips are irritating)
+ option "mouse_click_number_selects_eol"
+ improved lexer JS (reg-ex hiliting)
+ improved lexer LESS (numbers hiliting)
+ ProjectManager: commands "Go to main file", "Open main file"
+ ProjectManager: don't allow duplicate items
- fix: fold-marks didn't render on folded lines
- fix: must handle file creation error for command line
- fix: command "go to last editing pos"

1.18.0 (2017/09)
+ preinstalled plugin "Show Unsaved Changes" (command like in ST3)
+ Project Manager: allow drag-drop folder on CudaText - add folder to project
+ dialog "Go to": can enter line:column
+ code tree: context menu item "Sorted"
+ API for dialog "Go to"
+ API to embed editor-control to dialogs

1.17.0 (2017/09)
+ API to shade text (used in plugin Focus Mode)
+ Project Manager: added commands "Add current file", "Add all opened files"
+ lexer Bash: hilite varname before "=", don't hilite keyword after "."
- fixed: high-dpi in ProjManager and bottom panels
- fixed: initial dir of save-dialogs for untitled tabs
- fixed: wrong saved keys.json if "overwrite duplicate hotkey" was used with plugins
- fixed: code-tree lost vert scrollbar

1.16.0 (2017/08)
+ save-as untitled tab: suggest first free filename: new.txt, new1.txt, new2.txt... (like SynWrite)
+ reworked confirmation for duplicate hotkeys in Hotkey dialog (ask to overwrite inside this dialog)
+ mouse column selection: used "cross" cursor (like TextMate)
+ in single line inputs, make right edge of text near the edge of control (like Windows)
+ option "copy_column_aligned_by_spaces"
+ Addon Manager: don't allow to remove standard plugins
+ Addon Manager: cache addon filelists for 10 minutes
* dialog "Lexer library" reworked, used normal buttons on top, added button Hide/Show instead of checkmarks
- fixed: Project Manager "Show panel" command
- fixed: checkmarks in View/Groups menu
- fixed: column selection by mouse: "caret_after_end":false must not break column
- fixed: problem with ":line" in command line and single instance

1.15.0 (2017/08)
+ option "centering_width"
+ option "centering_for_distraction_free"
+ option "ruler_numeration"
+ command "go to screen center"
+ command "force final end-of-line"
+ Addon Manager: suggests to install several addons, one after another
+ Addon Manager: install-command splitted to: a) Install - items w/o installed ones, b) Re-install - already installed items
* removed option "ruler_from_1"
- fixed option "indent_makes_whole_line_sel"

1.14.5 (2017/08)
+ lexer-specific config + lexer-specific hotkeys config are supported for none-lexer ("lexer -.json", "keys lexer -.json")
+ lexer analysis for big files (>100K, option) is delayed now. Syntax analysis starts only after user ends typing text, and pause passed. Much faster on big files.
+ big optimizations for loading big files (>5Mb); e.g. 280 Mb log loaded before: 22sec, now: 7sec.

+ option "lexer_delayed_parsing_size"
+ option "lexer_delayed_parsing_pause"
+ option "ui_tab_new_near_current"
+ option "ruler_from_1"
+ option "unprinted_spaces_trailing"
+ option "indent_kind" has value "by spaces up to opening bracket" (like in ST3)
+ option "indent_makes_whole_line_sel"
+ option "autocomplete_trigger_chars" (like in ST3)
+ option "ui_statusbar_panels" has item for wrap-mode panel (default is hidden)
+ option "ui_statusbar_wrap"
+ option "wrap_enabled_max_lines", ie disabled word-wrap for huge files (>60K lines) to speedup
+ menu item "View - Toggle micromap"
+ menu item "View - Toggle unprinted chars - Spaces/tabs trailing only"
+ command "toggle word wrap mode (off/window/margin)"
+ Addon Manager: "Install from Github" saves version like "github 2016.10.20"
+ saving file error shows Retry/Cancel message (was OK only)
* removed option "autocomplete_autoshow_lexers" (use lexer-specific configs instead)

+ added syntax-theme color for php-tag (<?php ?>)
+ added hilite of php-tag in lexers: HTML, CSS, JS
+ added hilite of standard color names in CSS
* changed link chain of lexers. Was before: PHP includes HTML, HTML includes CSS/JS, CSS/JS includes nothing. Now: HTML includes PHP/CSS/JS, CSS/JS includes PHP, PHP includes nothing. File type *.php is now handled by HTML lexer.

- fixed case-insensitive search in menu dialogs for non-En chars
- fixed non-working plugin hotkeys after any plugin installing
- fixed parasite scrolling if file was closed not on top
- fixes in JSON, Pascal lexers

1.13.1 (2017/07)
- reworked part of syntax hilite code, and fixed old 2 bugs of incorrect selection(s) rendering
+ added commands "column select without key modifier: on/off"; when mode turned on: a) mouse drag makes column selection, b) Shift+arrows make column selection
+ added statusbar field, for above mode (shows "-" for normal mode, "||" for column mode)
+ console: context menu item "toggle word wrap"
+ option "ui_console_wrap"
+ improved C++ lexer (fixed detect funcs for tree, updated keywords)
+ Project Manager: reaction to Enter key; option 'Open file after Go To File command'

1.12.0 (2017/06)
+ supported addons "filetypeicons" for Project Manager, e.g. "VSCode Material 24x24"
+ Project Manager: option "Icons theme"
+ Addon Manager: integrated function of "Install from Github" plugin
+ Insert Time plugin rewritten, it has several date formats and config file
+ commands dialog: focus last chosen item
+ commands "scroll line up/down" keep caret on screen after scroll
+ commands "go to screen top/bottom"
+ find/replace: auto turn on multi-line, on Ctrl+Enter press

+ new main icon (by FTurtle)
+ Project Manager: file type icons (from VSCode program)
+ Project Manager: expand "." to full dir name
+ focused input (in find/replace/goto/console) has its border highlighted
+ option "ui_active_border"
+ options "find_hotkey_*" for hotkeys in find/replace dialog
+ find/replace: hotkey Enter on focused replace-box: runs "Replace next" and keeps focus
+ find/replace: set hotkey for "Find first" to Alt+Enter
* find/replace: changed hotkey for "Replace next" to Alt+Z, "Replace without find next" to Ctrl+Alt+Z
* find/replace: changed hotkeys Alt+5/Alt+6/Alt+7 to Alt+O/Alt+E/Alt+K
* changed icons of toolbar
* removed option "log_dialogs"
- Windows: one more fix to show prev instance with ui_one_instance (by @vhanla)

+ preinstalled plugin Tabs List
+ Project Manager: read only toplevel dirs from disk, and read other dirs only on unfolding them in treeview (patch by @pohmelie)
+ Project Manager: added toolbar
+ api
* finder: don't put backward selection on find-backward
* lexer help file converted from CHM format to ODT
- fix: loosing editor focus on Linux

+ preinstalled Project Manager plugin
+ can open folder names from command line, e.g. "cudatext ." like Atom/Sublime can do
+ menuitem "File - Open folder", it calls Project Manager
+ menuitem "Help - Check for updates", it calls Addon Manager
+ api

+ finder: replace-all made much faster (note: when confirmation is on, you will see unchanged text, it will replace later)
- finder: count-all must find w/o overlaps (non-regex mode)
+ api

+ distraction-free mode, see
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+ added option "ui_fullscreen" with new values
* removed option "ui_fullscreen_hide"
* option "margin" changed default to 2000 (ie, hide)
- fixed: Win10 old issue when 2nd app instance cannot popup to front
+ api

- fixes for Windows high-dpi (dialogs, toolbar btns, folding icons)
+ api

- fixed for Windows high-dpi (scale more UI items)
- fix slow scrolling with minimap shown
+ option ui_tree_theme
+ command "place bookmarks on carets"
+ replace-all: show elapsed time in sec.

+ api (reworked dlg_proc)
+ Addon Manager: plugin Updater (like SynWrite)
* Addon Manager: used new channels url
+ Windows: support font ligatures (font Fira Code, only if caret not on line)
+ option font_ligatures
+ dlg Find: must show on top of CudaText dialogs
+ toolbar: add buttons Indent, Unindent

+ api (dlg_proc) for powerful dialogs
+ Linux: better support for font ligatures (std lexers changed a little)

* changed values for "newdoc_encoding" to short (like in API)
* changed suffix for macOS config keys from "__osx" to "__mac"
* changed: opt "def_encoding_utf8" has OS suffix
+ api
- fix: Tab-key didnt jump in Find dlg

+ autocomplete listbox: chars .,;=<> should input to editor and close listbox
+ command line: added key --enclist
+ api
- fix: wrong minimap view color
- fix: minimap click scrolled editor to right

+ macOS: horiz scroll by trackpad should work now
+ option ui_sidebar_show
+ option mouse_wheel_speed_vert
+ option mouse_wheel_speed_horz
+ command line: improved help (--help)
+ command line: aliases for keys (-h -v -r -n -w)
+ command line: added key --enc=
* command line: renamed key: --readonly
* changed format of file date in session (was number, now readable)
- fix: tabs "x" must act on mouse-up

+ menu item "File - New from template" (same as click on arrow near "new icon")
+ updated FCL-JSON lib from current FPC trunk
+ dont escape "/" in user.json
* changed ui_sidebar_theme to "octicons_20x20"

+ option "ui_sidebar_theme"
* sidebar buttons for "Search", "Go to"; deleted toolbar icons for the same
* toolbar hidden by default
* you should delete old files data/sideicons/*.png, now folder here
+ cmd "hide dialog: find"
+ cmd "hide dialog: go to"

- fix: moving window to 2nd monitor (Win10)
- fix: auto-scroll-horz didnt start on moving mouse on scrollbar/minimap
- fix: vertical block selection until file end

* different UI of sidebar tabs (I find it more useful)
+ theme color "side-toolbar BG"
+ Ctrl+[drag-drop] does copying of block
- Alt+[drag-drop] fixed if scrolls editor up/down

+ command-line key --help (Linux users angry)
+ command-line key --version
+ command-line key --window=x,y,width,height
+ writes to stdout on using command-line filename/dir
- fix: macOS: caret not visible on dark theme
- fix: any click should show caret

+ Linux gtk2: middle-click-paste uses "primary selection" (alternate gtk clipboard), cmd Copy copies to primary selection too

+ option "mouse_mid_click_paste"
+ option "log_dialogs"
+ checkmarks visible for ConfigMenu's menu too
* default for "ui_statusbar..." changes {x} to {xx}
* renamed opt "mouse_browser_scroll" to "mouse_mid_click_scroll"
* deleted opt "backup" (warning shows if opt set), use plugin Backup File instead
- Linux gtk2: keep clipboard text on exit
- fixes in api

- fixes, adds in api

+ Alt+click now does goto-definition
+ opt "mouse_goto_definition"
+ opt "autocomplete_autoshow_lexers" can have none-lexer as "-"
+ AddonManager: use temp-file on downloading (safer)
+ AddonManager: message retry/ignore/abort on download err
+ addons install.inf has field for API ver
- dont suggest multi-line sel to Find dlg

+ api for timer
* change default for undo_after_save

+ find/replace: opt "in selection"
+ cmd "goto last editing pos" uses find_indent_vert/horz
+ handled click on micromap
+ api additions

+ windows version-info, for antivir
+ improve report, after installing lexer
+ cmd "Fold level 1" (was only 2..9)
+ cmd "Fold all" folds with nested ranges
- fix lexer-parser, bug when Python part inside Latex file

- fix deleting block, till begin of line
- fix replace-all, regex "\n" to "__"

+ lexer Python: update for Py3.6
+ session contains state (visible/size) of side/bottom panels
+ micromap shows selections (e.g. after "Find/ Select all")
+ micromap shows marks of "Hilite Occurrences" plugin; added theme color
+ micromap shows marks of "Spell Checker"; added theme color

- fixed toolbar API
+ new dialog "Addon installed"
* don't use cudatext.exe.manifest file

+ big internal changes in core, to support inter-line gaps (it is like "phantoms" in Sublime)
+ opt "gutter_fold_icons"
+ paint unprinted arrow-left at end-of-file
+ cmd "Copy bookmarked lines"
+ cmd "Delete bookmarked lines"
- fix: Linux: hotkeys broken, if Ru layout active at start (bug in Lazarus)
- fix: issues with caret/scroll, after fold/unfold cmds

+ syntax hiliting uses cache: scrolling up/down must be faster, for 3K+ lines
* rename opt "dyn_hilite" to "lexer_dynamic_hilite"
+ add opt "lexer_dynamic_hilite_max_lines"
+ add opt "lexer_line_separators"
+ add opt "staples_style"
* del opt "staples_show"
+ improve lex HTML: hilite entities &nnnn;, hilite incorrect tag props, hilite colors #nnn
+ cmd "duplicate line" allows selection (fwd+back)
- fix lex Markdown

+ tab context menu "Set tab color" dialog redone by kvichans (in Python), dialog has N palettes (option)
+ export to html: optimized file
* lex Pascal: drop hilites of "types", "implementation backgnd"

+ opt tab_max_pos_expanded
+ lex Pascal: hilite "exit/result"
- fix: dialogs for high-DPI (windows)
- fix: folded-blocks were empty bars on Python

+ api: added, optimised in 5 funcs
+ lex Pascal: hilites for "types", "msgs"
- fix: lex Python

+ AddonMan: suggests readme+history
+ api: events priority
+ api: for bottom-panel

+ added plugin: New File; used for dropdown arrow near "New file" tool button; not shown in Plugins
- fix: "restore lexer styles" must save lex file
- fix: gtk2: "copy to clipbd"
- fix: windows: menus on high DPI

+ can install zipped addons with files in subfolder. previously: zip must have files only in root.
+ install.inf: can define variable $name in [info] and use it in lines "lexers=$name" (needed for long lexers list)
+ install.inf: can write lexers list by RegEx: [info] $name=regex:.*SQL.*

+ add theme styles: Label, TagPropBad
- minor fixes

* now special comments (for range, for full lines), styles-of-comments, styles-of-strings: must be specified in Lexer Props dialog. They save now to .cuda-lexmap files. So can publish these with lexer zip files. You can delete: settings_default/default_lexers.json, user_lexers.json.
+ improved lexers: C#, Bash, reST, Haskell, Yaml, Search results
+ opt ui_buffered (if UI looks ok, don't touch)
+ opt ui_tree_icons
+ api

+ improved lexers: CSS, JS, PHP, Batch, Ruby, C, C++, C#, Tcl, SQL, YAML, VB, Markdown, Haskell, Makefile (using Sublime syntax tests)
* del lexers to addons: AutoIt, AutoHotkey

+ Windows: Python 3.5
* del built-in commands to comment/uncomment; now plugin Comments (by kvichans) preinstalled for this, with more options and config dlg
+ save/restore last tab in side-panel
+ lexers JS, Python: keywords async/await

+ command line allows line numbers: "cudatext filename:nnn"
+ key Esc in left panels: focus editor
+ key Enter in left panels: same as dbl-click
+ lexer JS: upd keywords, hilite `backtick-strings`
+ cmd "open file, ignore plugins" (to open project-files as raw text)
* del sorting built-in cmds (plugin Sort exists)

* reworked themes. Instead of name.json file now 2 files: name.cuda-theme-ui, name.cuda-theme-syntax. any UI theme can be used with any Syntax theme. More flexible system. Less work on Syntax themes.
+ dlg Save Tabs: button to dont keep in session
+ AddonManager: menu item "Remove data files"

* breaking change (as file history saves encoding by name): renamed encodings "utf-8", "utf-8 no bom", "utf-16 le", "utf-16 be" to Sublime names "utf-8 with bom", "utf-8", "utf-16 le with bom", "utf-16 be with bom"
+ added enc: utf-16 le/be (without bom)
+ opt ui_tab_show_x: now number 0..3, can show "x" for mouse-over tab only
- fix: no-carets after undo column-block
- fix: C# lexer string-rule

+ mouse-wheel should work in Commands dlg
+ cmd "go to last editing pos"
- fix: undo for BackSp

+ command-line options:
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+ Addon Manager can use proxy
+ python lib "requests" preinstalled
+ cmd "toggle tab-key uses spaces"
- fix: replace-all must show "wait..."
- fix: force Find dlg to desktop on show

- encoding: files were opened in "UTF8 no bom" by default. Now it is opt "def_encoding_utf8": open as ANSI (default for Windows) or UTF8 no bom.
+ improve floating Find dlg
+ improve paint of tabs, if lot of em (30-40+)

+ find-dialog can be separate (opt find_separate_form)
+ toolbar full themed now
* option "pylib" has suffix now (for universal config): see default.json
- fix: restoring scroll pos on opening files

- 3 major fixes (bugs after macOS work)
+ nicer gray built-in theme

+ macOS: lot of code chged for Retina support
- macOS: fix crash, on run with params
+ show shorter Python ver
- fix: show pictures

+ macOS, Linux: correct full-screen
- macOS: don't assign F11/F12 by default
+ opt ui_fullscreen_hide
- fix: focus after opening session
- fix: hotkeys-dlg on mac

+ AddonManager: menuitem "Open plugin readme"
+ AddonManager: suggests plugin's readme after install
+ install.inf: can set for items "hotkey=" and "|"-separated hotkey, e.g. "Ctrl+Alt+F|F|G". Saved into keys.json (if no "lexers=" for item), or to "keys lexer NNN.json" (if used "lexers=")
+ theme: Amy
+ theme: Cobalt
+ add lexer YAML from addons
* del lexer "Resource script" to addons

+ lexer-overrides for hotkeys: option "For current lexer" in hotkey dialog (saved in "keys lexer NNN.json")
+ find dialog: unprinted line-ends for mul-line input
- fix range-check err

+ Find dialog: multi-line by "+" btn
+ on closing with "ui_reopen_session":true, modified+untitled tabs content saves to session
+ AddonManager warns on adding linter w/o CudaLint
+ opt find_multiline_scale
+ api

+ AddonManager shows linters too
+ AddonManager has new channel for Kvichans' addons (about 10-15)
+ api (for "Favorites")
+ show msg in console, if Python can't init
+ cmd "toggle micro-map"

+ dlg Find: buttons Select-all, Mark-all (place selections or markers, can clear markers by cmd "markers: remove all")
+ cmds "Find all, and select / place markers / place bookmarks"
+ opt show_cur_line_only_focused
+ opt ui_max_history_menu: max_value=50
- fix: must copy to clipbd using active line-end

+ opt unprinted_replace_to_code
* cmd "Delete line" deletes sel lines
+ max items in install.inf =400
- fix: dlg "Save tabs?" saving
- fix: "change endings" for "none ending" line

+ api (for plugin "Sort")
+ open-dialog remembers last dir (for untitled tabs, if ui_initial_dir empty)
- fix lexer Markdown
- fix lexer reST
- fix cmd "Update tree"

+ opt staples_show
+ hotkey Ctrl+Tab changeable
+ cmd "find, first"
+ cmd "find, mark all"
* del lexer TextFiles

+ info
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- fix: replace to "some\n" (win32)
+ dont put caret in folded [..]
+ op ui_listbox_size_y
+ lexer reST
- fixes

+ op fold_style
+ api
- fix: dont open folder via cmd-line

+ rework indent of col-block: like Synwrite
+ theme "Sub" (@Alexey)
* theme rename: "verbis" to "ebony" (@myCrack)
+ updated PHP completion-list (@Sanchez)
- fix: Markdown tree

+ indent/unindent col-blocks too
+ opt mouse_wheel_zoom
+ cmd "enable/disable folding functionality"
- fix: lexer Python (folding, update speed)
+ api

+ shift+mwheel does horiz scroll
+ checkmarks in top menu (not Linux gtk2)
+ cmd "folding: fold/unfold at cur line"
+ update: JS completions
- fix: mwheel in one-line edits
- fix: lexer PHP word-lists
- fix: lexer Markdown
- fix: lexer Python
- fix: for 2nd monitor

+ new themed scrollbars: editors, trees, listboxes
+ command "Place carets on bookmarks"
+ theme "darkwolf" preinstalled
+ upd lexer "acp files"
+ api

+ memory optimizing (for 20M+ files w/o lexer)
* autoclose bracket: don't do if inside text
* opt unprinted_replace_spec defaults to "false"
+ spec-chars 0..31 shown shorter: xNN
+ theme color "statusbar alt, font"
+ api

+ opt ui_max_size_open
+ opt ui_max_size_lexer
+ small memory optimizing

+ auto-close of quotes (read about auto_close_brackets)
+ auto-close of brackets/quotes works with selection
+ drag-cursor appears more correct
+ menuitem View--Lexers
* AddonManager uses filelist in txt-file at github (slower download-all, but don't use fixed mirrors of SF, safe)

+ autocomplete for HTML: completion listbox inserts tag+ closing tag after caret
+ autocomplete for HTML: auto show when typed "<"+wordchar
+ autocomplete for HTML: better for a/img/link
+ autocomplete for CSS: auto show when wordchar typed on attribute pos
+ opt auto_close_brackets

+ drag-drop text to other group: opt mouse_drag_drop_focus_target
+ drag-drop text to other group: Ctrl pressed means "copy"
+ drag-drop file from explorer: use group under cursor
+ lexer Python: keywords def/class/global/lambda have other style (like ST3)
- rework restore caret on file-reload
- fix MakePlugin

+ drag-drop of tabs to other groups (all OSes)
+ drag-drop of select-text to other groups
+ cmd "rescan python plugins inf-files"
- fix: Ansi encoding was broken (since using FPC 3)

* lexer-lib file (lib.lxl) not used. Used .lcf files instead. Sublexer links must be stored in .cuda-lexmap files. On start app suggests to convert lexer-lib file to .lcf files.
* delete option "lexlib" (used only to convert lexer-lib to .lcf)

+ opt ui_lexer_themes
+ color "editor, gutter font, lines with carets"
+ color "listbox, sel line font"
+ colors "statusbar, font/bg/border"
+ commands item "lexer: (none)"
- many fixes (github)

+ themes contain now 40 styles: to map to concrete lexer styles. Dialog "Lexer styles map" added. It shows on activating lexer w/o configured map. Maps are saved to "lexlib/*.cuda-lexmap".
* not used anymore settings/plugins.json (delete it), used install.inf's only
* renamed translations to nn_NN (e.g. ru_RU)
+ can show .gif pics
+ upd lexer XML
+ upd lexer LESS (style: color)
+ upd lexer SCSS (style: color)
+ upd lexer JS (style: doc comment)
+ upd lexer PHP (style: doc comment)
+ color "editor, combobox border"
+ statusbar macros {yb} {ye}
- fixes

+ lexer CSS handles @media{...}
+ char-map uses multi-carets on insert
+ more toolbar api

+ translation possible: see menu item Options/Translations, see folder "data/lang"
+ translation Russian, in AddonManager
+ font opt named with suffix on Linux/OSX: font_name__linux, font_size__linux...
+ AddonManager has cmd "Visit plugin homepage"; plugins need field "homepage=" in install.inf
- fix to handle line length 10k
- fix to support SpellChecker/Linux

+ opt minimap_at_left
+ opt caret_after_paste_column
+ opt ui_statusbar_tabsize
+ opt ui_max_history_edits
* opt spacing_y: default=1
+ cmds "open url at caret", "copy url at caret"
+ api
- fix major issue: lexerlib breaks on installing addon (reason: FPC 3)
- fix cmds for line-comment
+ allow trailing comma in user.json

+ used FPC 3.0
+ hilite URLs: opts links_hilite, links_regex
+ hilite URLs: commands to open/copy URL at pos of right-click

+ opt font of bottom-panel listboxes
+ api (plugin Tabs List, bookmark hints in CudaLint)

- fix Addon Manager "Install" (SF.net blocked http)
* change in api. Must update plugs: NumberedBookmarks, PythonIntel, CudaExt, Snippets
+ added 120+ snippets for HTML. These mimic hehaviour of Synwrite's feature "SmartTagTabbing". You need plugin Snippets.
+ autodelete markers in deleted selection
+ statusbar panel "msg" now autosized (can put "msg" to left)

+ toolbar api
+ add ui_statusbar_panels panel "ins" (hidden by default)
+ add bottom pane "Search Res", for future
- fix Qt build: Esc key in find/goto
- fix: must set modified on conv-encoding

+ opt micromap_show
+ opt micromap_width
+ opt autocomplete_autoshow_chars
+ opt autocomplete_autoshow_lexers
- autocomplete now ignores case
+ improve picture mode
+ changed "Save tabs" dlg buttons (same look Win/Linux)

+ can open pictures: bmp/png/jpg/ico
* statusbar: remove macros {caret_line_nnn}, add {y2}
* remove opt ui_tab_indent_y (center text)

+ better support for CudaLint (new plugin)
* statusbar: opts ui_stat_ renamed, some deleted (size_x, center)
+ statusbar: opt "ui_statusbar_panels", all status panels now customizable
+ statusbar: add macros {caret_line_top} {caret_line_btm}
+ opt "font_quality" (can disable Cleartype)
- fix OSX rendering

+ api: sidebar panels
+ grouping "1+2 horz" (some session files now not correct)
+ new lexer Makefile (for GNU makefile)
+ opt "ui_tree_show_lines"
+ cmd "ui: show side panel"
+ cmd "ui: show side panel, and syntax tree"
+ cmd "ui: hide side panel"

+ add commands: column select to line begin/ line end/ page up/ page down
+ faster render on Linux gtk2
- fix: grouped-undo was broken
- fix: btn "cancel search" didnt work

+ opt "backup"
+ plugin autocomplete: reshow list if 1 char typed
+ improved "Make Plugin", can hide items in Plugins
+ with col-block of zero width, can use Del/BkSp too
+ replace dlg key Ctrl+Alt+Enter: replace and don't find next
* changed hotkeys in Replace
* output panel uses dbl-click
- fixes

+ selection keeps bold/italic of selected words
+ redone plugin "Make Plugin"
* lexers HTML/HTML_/PHP/PHP_: rename, old pair removed to Addon Manager
+ opt autocomplete_html
+ opt autocomplete_css
* opts deleted: under_color, under_color_size
+ opts added: underline_color_files, underline_color_size
- fix: caret at bad coord
- fix: must unfold found text
- fix: sort must set "modified"
- fix: Html autocomplete in Html part of Php

+ api (log panels api, splitters api)
* removed lexers NSIS, Inno: to Addon Manager

+ addon-manager: config dlg (restart to see item); common install dlg; no more using of Synwrite wiki
+ "undo" undoes also "*" mark
+ api (better support for ExtTools)

+ addon-manager: items "Install plugin","Download all" (restart app 1-2 times to see menuitems)
+ opt ui_lexers_grouped
+ opt ui_reload_tail
+ add cmds "tree: select next/prev/parent/etc node"
+ add cmd "tree: update tree" (need if sidebar hidden)
+ use grouped-undo for mul-carets cmds

* removed cmd "search - go to tab" (better doable in plugin)
* change: color-attrib api (pls update plugins BracketsHilite, HiliteOccurrences)
* change: limit key-combo len to 3
+ improve dialog api
+ improve cmd "reset Python plugins"
- small fixes

+ custom-dialog api
+ dlg "Goto tab" shows paths
+ output panel has hotkeys (wiki help topic)
+ console: char ";" at end of cmd: don't log
- fix on pasting n lines at line-end
- fix replace regex "$"

+ support for Macros plugin
+ theme "green"
+ cmd "convert tabs to spaces"
+ cmd "convert spaces (leading) to tabs"
+ files in session must not update recents
- fix: json tree (e.g. file menu.json)
- fix: grouped undo

+ commands for markers like Synwrite
+ support for Snippets plugin
+ opt ui_non_text (prompt/ open/ don't open)
+ opt ui_non_text_buffer
+ cmd "run last command plugin"
- fix: ui_one_instance and non-text prompt

* changed format of keys.json (old fields read but not saved)
+ plugins have hotkeys like all cmds: Commands dlg allows to change plugin keys. Saved in keys.json.
+ history saves folded-state
+ cmd "fold range at current line"
+ cmd "unfold range at current line"
+ cmd "goto next bookmark": from last goto first
+ color for "fold mark border"
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Bardzo aktywny
23 Wrzesień 2016
  • added submenu "Options / Settings-plugins", so plugins can put config commands here, instead of "Plugins". Two standard plugins (Tabs List, Comments) use this menu.
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  • API for "Vim Mode" plugin
  • added commands: "go to line absolute begin/end (+select)" (keys Home/End consider spaces)
  • added commands: "go to word end (+select)" - like in Vim
  • added commands: "go to word next/prev, simple (+select)" - do alternate word jumps like in Vim
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Bardzo aktywny
23 Wrzesień 2016
  • Added: option "ui_tab_flat" (tabs look like in new Sublime)
  • Added: caching of Code Tree content, so much faster switch betweeen tabs
  • Added: UI theme color "tabs, flat, focus mark"
  • Fixed: commands "go to screen top/bottom/center" must work ok on long wrapped lines
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Bardzo aktywny
23 Wrzesień 2016
+ added
- fixed
* changed

1.22.4 (2017/10)

+ added: option "ui_tab_position": can place tabs on top/bottom/left/right
* deleted option "ui_tab_bottom"
+ ask "file changed outside. reload?" also if file undo history is not empty
+ show "changed N lines" status after few commands (e.g. trim spaces)
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Bardzo aktywny
23 Wrzesień 2016
+ added
- fixed
* changed

1.23.5 (2017/11)
+ added: option "ui_tab_angled" (bool value), improved painting of angled tabs
* removed: option "ui_tab_angle" (int value)
+ added: menu item "View - Toggle always on top"
* lexer SQL: removed code tree support

1.23.0 (2017/10)
+ ProjectManager: single click opens file in the preview tab (italic caption), like in Sublime
+ added: option "ui_tab_preview_font_style"
+ API for preview tab
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Bardzo aktywny
23 Wrzesień 2016
  • fix: wrong scaling of few dialogs on Win10 high-dpi
  • fix: if same file opened again, its tab wasn't activated
  • fix: bug in 1.24.1, session's first loaded tab not parsed
  • fix: major bug, code-tree didn't update on editing file
  • added: option "ui_tree_cache"
  • added: API
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Bardzo aktywny
23 Wrzesień 2016
+ added
- fixed
* changed

1.26.0 (2017/11)

+ add: Lite lexers - for huge files, e.g. 800Mb XML file. Currently added 2 lite lexers with suffix ^: "XML ^", "JSON ^". Lite lexers don't support code-tree, folding, rich hiliting; but they work very fast on any file size (with average line length).
+ add: for too big files (option exists already) now lite lexers are detected
- fix: wrong column selection, if tab-chars at line start

1.25.0 (2017/11)

+ add: option "ui_tab_multiline" - enable multi-line tabs
+ add: option "ui_max_lines_codetree" (default 8K lines) - disable code-tree for too big files
+ add: show console log, when session or project loads/saves
* change: lexer JSON: code-tree simplified (was slow on big files)
- fix: issue with last session, if "ui_reopen_session":false
- fix: Linux copy-to-clipboard could append zero char
- fix: option "autocomplete_autoshow_chars" must ignore numbers
- fix: some groups-related commands
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Bardzo aktywny
23 Wrzesień 2016
+ added
- fixed
* changed

1.30.0 (2017/12)
+ add: binary viewer. It is called when non-text file is opened, with additional prompt. File size for binary viewer can be any.
+ add: dialog "Go to" works with binary viewer: can enter percents with "%" char, or hex offset
+ add: dialog "Go to" for editor: can enter percents with "%" char
+ add: prompts "file is not text", "file is too big" changed to one dialog (to allow binary view)
+ add: option "viewer_binary_width"
- fix: lexer C# code-tree for generic func

1.28.2 (2017/12)
- fix: major bugfix, crash on paste command (in 1.28.0)
- fix: files weren't added to recents on app closing
+ add: if deleting too big block (bigger than option "undo_limit"), do it fast w/o undo

1.28.0 (2017/12)
+ optimized memory usage on big files. E.g. Windows x32 version with 100M log: mem usage was 900M, now 720M.
+ add: support mouse wheel horizontal scrolling
+ add: macOS: can drag-drop folder from Finder onto CudaText icon
* change: lexer SCSS removed to add-ons
* change: lexer LESS removed to add-ons
* change: lexer "SynWrite acp files" removed to add-ons
* change: lexer "SynWrite snippets" removed to add-ons

1.27.0 (2017/12)
+ add: lite lexer SQL^
+ add: lexer API supports lite lexers
+ add: console lines "Init: cuda_nnnn" on loading plugins; option "py_init_log"
* change: usual lexer SQL removed to add-ons
+ add: AddonManager: added option "Install: show confirmation and report"
* change: AddonManager: removed confirmation "Install selected addon?"
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Bardzo aktywny
8 Wrzesień 2010
1.31.0 (2017/12)

+ add: option "ui_non_text" has additional values, to auto open binary files in binary/hex modes
+ add: binary viewer uses "middle dot" unicode char
+ add: binary files save to sessions
+ add: lexer Perl reworked (hilite multiline comments, fix funcs in code-tree)
- fix: if disk file is read-only, then normal, app must not reopen it r/o
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Bardzo aktywny
8 Wrzesień 2010
1.32.0 (2018/01)

+ add: deleting of huge block (w/o undo) is instant now (before it was n seconds)
+ add: code-tree has horiz scrollbar
+ add: statusbar menu for tab-size: added sizes 3, 5, 6, 7
+ add: Project Manager variables for ExtTools plugin: {ProjMainFileNameOnly}, {ProjMainFileNameNoExt}
+ add: API for statusbar
- fix: Windows high-DPI wrong scaling of plugin dlgs
- fixes
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Bardzo aktywny
23 Wrzesień 2016
+ added
- fixed
* changed

1.34.0 (2018/01)

+ add: many optimizations in core for scrolling speed on huge lines (4M chars)
+ add: Ctrl+(double click) now selects additional word
+ add: command "Selection - Expand selection to word" (like in many editors)
+ add: option "allow_wide_chars"
+ add: commands "find current word/sel next/prev": they select current word before search
* change: option "find_hotkey_find_next" is now hotkey, which is independant from focused input; its value "Enter" is ignored, other value works. "Enter" is now hardcoded hotkey.
- fix: cannot find string with trailing EOL (multi-line input)
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Bardzo aktywny
23 Wrzesień 2016
+ added
- fixed
* changed

1.38.0 (2018/01)

+ add: API to show floating tooltips (new plugin "HTML Tooltips")
+ add: show "zero-width space" as other unprinted chars

1.35.0 (2018/01)

+ add: auto-completion listbox in HTML allows multi-carets (like Sublime does)
+ add: on macOS, some features use Command-key instead of Ctrl-key: Ctrl+click; Ctrl+(double click); Ctrl with drag-drop of text
+ add: API
* change: option "lexer_dynamic_hilite" turned off by default (problems with option on macOS; slows down)
- fix: Find dialog: Shift key runs search
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