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14 Czerwiec 2020
Dead Drop is a free for limited time on the IndieGala.

Dead Drop

Dead Drop is a two-player local-multiplayer game of espionage and deception, where one player has to blend into a crowd and mimic AI movement to avoid detection from the other player.

Two Players:
- The Spy needs to complete objectives and blend into the crowd
- The Sniper needs to find and kill the Spy

Special Spy Gadgets:
- Smokescreen! - Create an obscuring cloud of smoke
- Flashbang! - Blind the Sniper for a short period of time
- Rush Hour! - Create a large crowd that is easy to blend into
- Decoy! - Swap bodies with another NPC
- Costume Change! - Shuffle the outfits of all the NPCs
- And more to come!

Variety of Maps:

- City Square
- Metro Station
- Dance Club
- Cocktail Party
- Baggage Claim
- Pool Party
And more to come!

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows XP
Processor: 1.0GHz
Memory: 500 MB RAM
Graphics: Onboard Graphics
Storage: 150 MB available space
Additional Notes: Basically a toaster can run this

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