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14 Czerwiec 2020
Exorcists - PvP Ghost Hunting is a free for limited time on Ends Novenber 1, 2022.


Voice chatting on Discord or something similar is advised until I can implement proximity voice chat in the game.

Exorcists - PvP Ghost Hunting

Enter a house where an evil entity roams. It's hunt or be hunted. Use your equipment to gain information you can use to exorcise the unholy spirit. But beware, spending too much time inside the haunted house may have fatal consequences...

The game can only be played online together with other people. As you start the game, one of the players will be selected to become the ghost. The remaining players will have to cooperate to get rid of it. However, you will have to stay on your toes as the ghost can attack back.


Thermometer -
Is used to find the Place of Death. Use it around the -house to find a temperature below 15 degrees.
Geiger counter - Hold it near objects to see if there is any radiation present. A reading of 0.200 or more is strong evidence of the cursed

EMF reader - When an object with radiation is placed in the Place of Death, hold the EMF reader above it to check for readings. If you get a
reading of 4 or more, you have the cursed object. If not, use the geiger counter to find another radioactive object.

Matchbox - Right-click to ignite a match on top of the cursed object inside the Place of Death to exorcise the spirit and win the game.

Playing as ghost:
Interact with the environment to scare the ghost hunters. Pick up orbs to gain energy to be able to scare players by throwing objects, turning off lights etc.

When you scare them enough, you can pick up a red energy orb to start a hunt. The ghost hunters have three seconds to run and hide to avoid being killed. As a ghost, you win by running into and killing all the ghost hunters.

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