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14 Czerwiec 2020
Play Flippin Misfits for free on Steam.

Flippin Misfits

Start: November 10, 2022.

End: November 14, 2022 at 7:00 PM.

An absolutely bonkers online melee party brawler, where 2-4 friends can flip and fight across high-intensity arenas filled with opportunities and hazards.

Every surface is in play, attacks can come from anywhere, and gravity can flip with the push of a button.

Get ready to join the Flippin Misfits – a gang of fun-loving young daredevils – to slash, dash, and flip your way to bragging rights in chaotic melee brawler.

Their arena? A tricked-out, stolen starship. Their gravity-swapping backpacks? Also stolen. Allegedly. Strap on your Blazarpack and become a gravity-bending gladiator, hunting down opponents across any surface inside or outside the ship.

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