Here's when Pixel 7 owners will get free Google VPN


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25 Maj 2019
The Google Pixel 7 series comes with one notable perk in the form of free access to the VPN by Google One service. This VPN is usually reserved for Google One subscribers on the 2TB plan or higher.

The perk isn’t actually available to Pixel 7 owners just yet, but 9to5Google spotted an official support document that confirms a launch window. More specifically, the document points to Pixel 7 availability “as of December 2022.”

Unfortunately, the VPN by Google One service isn’t available in India and Singapore, and the document indeed notes that Pixel 7 series owners in these markets aren’t eligible for the service.

We’re not quite sure why the VPN service wasn’t available to Pixel 7 owners from the get-go, especially when it’s already available to eligible Google One subscribers. Nevertheless, we at least have a rough release window now.

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