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PC Rabbids Coding za darmo (Ubisoft)


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28 Luty 2018
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Ubisoft gives Rabbids Coding, an educational game that aims to teach the basics of programming and computer logic. Intended for the smallest of the house, or anyone who has never touched a programming language.

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Rabbids Coding seeks to make programming fun and accessible, so that coding training is available to everyone. Rabbids Codign is easy to use for those who are first approaching the study of programming and is suitable for players seven years and older (reading skills are required). Through the 32 levels of the program, players will learn how to use sequential programming, loops and conditions. All skills and concepts will help players optimize their program to make their programming sequences as short and efficient as possible.

"Ubisoft is committed to preparing the next generation of video game developers, and what better way to start teaching them the basics of coding than with a fun and interactive learning experience," explains Olivier Palmieri, Game Director. "We firmly believe that video games can play an important role in learning new technical skills, and we are looking forward to sharing Rabbids Coding as a teaching tool for all ages."

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