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27 Maj 2010
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Text Paster 1.8 na GAOTD
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Text Paster to ciekawy program którego zadaniem jest wstawianie tekstu w wybrane przez użytkownika pola.
Instantly paste plain or formatted text into fields of any program you define. Input standard phrases, greetings, generic replies, current date and time, letter and document templates, e-mail and website addresses, usernames, passwords, selected text fragments etc. Paste text from a popup menu or press a hot key.
You can also do the following with Text Paster:
Group the text clippings you regularly paste and display them as a popup menu;
Paste text or display a popup menu with a single key, mouse click, key combination, or by pressing and holding a pre-defined key or mouse button;
Quickly fill out forms by automatic switching between fields through emulation of the Tab key and other keys, such as Enter;
If a program does not support pasting text (for example, a console application), then text can be typed in by the program itself;
Limit text pasting and type to certain programs or windows.
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