PC The Dark Forest Guardians za darmo (itch.io)


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28 Luty 2018

Parallel universe in which humans and demons coexist in conflicts for a long time, until the king on an exploration discovered the portal used by the demons, he and his knights used a magic sword of elven origin to close the portal that soon after closed disappeared. The Demons fled to the dark forest, a place full of traps and mysteries where only the natives survive, it did not take long for the natives to ask for help or king to expel the Demons, the king said it was not his problem, the natives were already in fewer when they decided to ask the samurai master for help near the forest. They then sent a letter to Hanzo, a very powerful samurai.

-Long story.
-different challenges.
-bosses along the journey.
-high difficulty.
-pixel art.
-souls game.
-upgrades of player.
-second missions.
-Days or more
-Free updates

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