Veeam Agent for Windows FREE


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25 Czerwiec 2017
Veeam Agent for Windows FREE

Veeam is one of the top players in the imaging or backup scene in the business or corporate world.

Veeam Agent for Windows is a FREE backup solution. Its a core backup solution.. Backup and Restore.

Homepage -
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Download -
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I am running & like it. I have tested & find it SOLID and RELIABLE backup sofware.
Tried or performed few backup & restore operations successfully.
Interrupted ongoing backup tasks with restart, shutdown & hard shutdown. On next schedule, it always successfully detected incomplete or damaged backup & replaced with new one.
Full backup and Incremental backup and Restore backup
speed is good too.
Simple & Easy to use.
Bootable Recovery Media includes features like restore/bare metal restore, startup repair, command prompt, load drivers, etc.

- During restore operation, in the wizard, click "load drivers" option & untick load drivers. Veeam will restore everything in the image & not load the drivers (your backup images have everything including drivers).. my suggestion & I always do the restore with load drivers option unchecked with no issues.

You have to create an account to download Veeam. But I have provided the download link on the top.

Veeam is an EXCELLENT backup software. I use & suggested on MalwareTips. Users tried & liked it.

You would like it.. Just try it out.. and share your experience..
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