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8 Wrzesień 2010
September 14, 2021
  • Updated Unicode data for Unicode 14.0.0 data.
  • Updated Emoji data for Emoji 14.0.
  • For colour fonts (COLR/CPAL format only), polychromatic glyphs are now rendered in colour (NB colours are rendered using RGB values, and so the alpha component is not supported). Colour glyphs are automatically shown for single characters with colour definitions (typically emoji) in the following contexts: in the character grid, for the magnified character in the popup window (right-click on a cell in the character grid), for glyph copy (F6), in the export font glyphs utility, in the composite font mapping sample text, in the font analysis sample text, and for the font-provided sample text in the font information utility. Colour glyphs, including colour glyphs for emoji sequences and emoji ZWJ sequences, are optionally supported (on by default) for the display of the selected emoji in the emoji lookup utility (however complex emoji sequences which rely on contextual substitution and positioning are not rendered correctly as a single glyph). The edit buffer will also show colour glyphs when available in the font if "Simple Rendering" is checked (complex rendering uses the Uniscribe API which does not support polychromatic rendering). At present colour emoji sequences (e.g. country and regional flag emoji sequences, and emoji for complex family groupings) are not supported in the edit buffer in either simple or complex rendering mode.
  • Added keyboard shortcut for opening the Font Information dialog (Ctrl+F7).
  • Added Font Revision, Created, and Modified fields from the Head table to the Font Information dialog.
  • Added button in the Font Information dialog which opens a separate dialog which lists all font tables in the font.
  • Added button in the Font Information dialog which opens a separate dialog which lists all OpenType features defined in the font.
  • Fixed -font command line parameter (was not automatically selecting the specified font).
  • Fixed loading an uninstalled font from the command line (was installing the font but not automatically selecting it).
  • Fixed bug when scrolling to end of a plane with ">>>" button or Ctrl+End if unassigned ranges are hidden.

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