1. I

    PC Pandemic Express za darmo (Steam)

    Welcome to Pandemic Express - Zombie Escape! We've played a lot of Zombie Escape-style mods, and wanted to make something standalone, and on a large scale. Up to 20 players spawn in a large world. One of them gets randomly infected, and has to spread the infection turning everyone into zombies...
  2. Sasha

    PC [Steam] Suicide Guy: Sleepin 'Dapels za darmo

    Distribution of the game - Suicide Guy: Sleepin 'Dapels Keys left: 309
  3. C

    PC Chronicles of the Witches and Warlocks za darmo

    Chronicles of the Witches and Warlocks
  4. Sasha

    PC [Steam] Merry Snowballs za darmo

    Merry Snowballs Merry Snowballs is an action packed VR snowball game where you get to relive your childhood snowball fights - this time with the cool gadgets you once wish you had! Battle against the neighborhood kids and fight your way to the top of the global leaderboard...
  5. Sasha

    PC OMON Girl: Bottle Royal / Tumblestone / Chicken Shoot Gold / Crazy Simulator za darmo (Steam)

    Distribution of the game - OMON Girl: Bottle Royal / Tumblestone / Chicken Shoot Gold / Crazy Simulator 4912 Keys left
  6. I

    PC Horace za darmo (Epic Games)

    "The best platformer of 2019." Horace is a huge platforming adventure which pushes the boundaries of the genre with a profound story of a small robot learning of life, the universe and Douglas Adams. Made by videogame lovers for videogame lovers! A game made by videogame lovers for videogame...
  7. I

    PC Affliction za darmo (Indiegala)

    Affliction Set in the fictional Eastern European country of Ghulovka, amidst a terrible civil war, Affliction allows players to take on the role of Vasya, a patient plagued by nightmares and fractured memories, who awakes inside of a cell in a bizarre research facility where grim human...
  8. Kamelka

    PC Protect your planet za darmo

    Protect your planet
  9. Kamelka

    PC Samudai za darmo

  10. Sasha

    Gachi Heroes 2: Flexboll / Gachi Heroes za darmo (steam)

    Distribution of the game - Gachi Heroes 2: Flexboll / Gachi Heroes 3043 keys left. Faster to get a key
  11. Sasha

    Risnuch za darmo

    Distribution of the game - Risnuch 708 keys left.
  12. Kamelka

    PC N0-EXIT za darmo

  13. Kamelka

    PC U-Boats za darmo

    U-Boats za darmo
  14. Kamelka

    PC Egypt Picross: Pharaoh's Riddles za darmo

    Egypt Picross: Pharaoh's Riddles
  15. I

    PC Disgraced za darmo (Indiegala)

    Disgraced Based in Feudal Japan, Disgraced allows you to assume the role of a soldier who was reluctantly conscripted into the newly proclaimed Shogun's army. Serving a corrupt and tyrannical government, you're expected to follow orders and commit terrible atrocities. Torn between duty and...
  16. I

    PC Headsnatchers za darmo (Humble Bundle)

    GAMBLED ONLINE AND OFFLINE MULTIPLAYER Challenge your friends to crazy matches in which you have to steal your head from your shoulders and win! Headsnatchers offers 25 incredible cards with unique, unusual weapons and features. And each card has its own rules. Well, it's actually more of a...
  17. Sasha

    PC [Epic] Sundered: Eldritch Edition za darmo

    Sundered: Eldritch Edition Sundered is a chaotic hand-drawn metroidvania where you resist or embrace ancient eldritch powers, a challenging and unique take on a classic genre from the creators of Jotun, now with local co-op...
  18. tregs_beales

    [ODDAM] Gry - Games

    I have some games I do not use. If anyone like can ask for a game. Members of PZD forum my Polish friends here get priority for this. I will decide if members who take part in my Promo2Day giveaways get game or not. Game list Colt Express Desert Child Planet Alpha Battlevoid Harbinger Songs of...
  19. Kamelka

    PC Caveman Alive za darmo

    Caveman Alive
  20. Sasha

    PC Mad Experiments: Escape Room za darmo (steam) (beta)

    Mad Experiments: Escape Room has been given a limited number of keys that will allow players to play the first room in this multiplayer co-op escape game. Get your key now and check it out! 683 Keys Left About Mad Experiments: Escape Room Mad Experiments: Escape Room is a...
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