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  1. C

    SecuPerts First Aid Kit za darmo

    SecuPerts First Aid Kit to przydatny zestaw narzędzi przeznaczonych do zarządzania komputerem w przypadku gdy uległ awarii, program nagrywamy na USB lub DVD. Kluczowe funkcje: Odzyskiwanie danych z dysków zewnętrznych, wewnętrznych, sieciowych lub w chmurze jeśli system Windows nie chce...
  2. Mirko

    PC Cult 2112 za darmo

  3. Mirko

    Narzędzia PassFab Product Key Recovery za darmo

    PassFab Product Key Recovery 6.3.0 (na rok) PassFab Product Key Recovery https://www.giveawayoftheday.com/passfab-product-key-recovery-giveaway-6-3-0/ Rejestracja: https://www.passfab.com/cooperation/giveawayoftheday.html
  4. Mirko

    PC Attack on Titan za darmo

  5. I

    PC Crab Dub za darmo (Indiegala)

    Deep deep down at the bottom of the ocean is where the evil Dr. Taco reigns. His biggest dream is to conquer the entire ocean. Together with his business partner, Mr. Rhino, they sponsor a high-tech project called «Crab Dub». The project’s ultimate goal is to create an army of Cyber-Crabs that...
  6. Mirko

    Security Output Watermark za darmo

    Output Watermark Output Watermark https://www.giveawayoftheday.com/output-watermark-2-1-0-4/
  7. Mirko

    PC World of Tea za darmo

  8. Mirko

    AudioVideo Photo/Video Watermark Remover VIP za darmo

    Photo/Video Watermark Remover VIP 1.0.3 (na rok) https://www.giveawayoftheday.com/photo-video-watermark-remover-1-0-3/ Rejestracja: https://www.easepaint.com/
  9. Mirko

    PC Finders za darmo

  10. C

    Narzędzia Operation Center Premium za darmo

    Operation Center 12.2 CBE Premium https://www.computerbild.de/download/Operation-Center-12-Premium-Kostenlose-Vollversion-19146535.html
  11. I

    PC Citadale: The Legends Trilogy za darmo (Indiegala)

    Citadale: The Legends Trilogy Step into the hellhouse once again... Citadale - The Legends Trilogy combines the original Wii U release (Citadale: Gate of Souls) with two all-new sequels: Chapter 2: Curse of Darkness - Sonja’s Son, Gabriel, takes up the mantle of the Demon Slayer.. Chapter 3...
  12. Mirko

    PC Delivery King za darmo

  13. Mirko

    Biuro PDF OCR za darmo

    PDF OCR 4.7 https://www.giveawayoftheday.com/pdf-ocr-4-7/
  14. Mirko

    Narzędzia DAEMON Tools Pro za darmo

    DAEMON Tools Pro 8 (lifetime) https://bit.ly/2YLGc6G Klikamy na Subscribe for: lifetime strona domowa: https://www.daemon-tools.cc/pol/products/dtproAdv
  15. Mirko

    PC Confused Christmas 2 za darmo

  16. I

    PC Torchlight za darmo (Epic Store)

    Giveaway link: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/torchlight/home
  17. I

    PC Madrobot X za darmo (Indiegala)

    MadRobot X is an old school shoot 'em up game. You control a robot trying to escape from the laboratory of a mad scientist, and to accomplish this, you'll need the help of GoboGobo, another robot who also wants to escape. The task is not easy; the mad scientist will do anything to prevent anyone...
  18. Mirko

    PC WWII - TD za darmo

  19. waldi

    Narzędzia Winmail.dat Unpack for Mac za darmo

    Winmail.dat Unpack https://apps.apple.com/pl/app/winmail-dat-unpack/id743622025?mt=12