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26 Maj 2015
Flameshot v.0.9.0
Version 0.9 released on 28 Feb:

Known Issues:

  • Fractional scaling issues are not resolved. We are working with Qt upstream on this issue.
  • KDE Wayland requires modification to the Desktop file.
New Features:
  • Improved MacOS support. MacOS is now officially supported and we will resolve any reported issues on this platform.
  • Thanks to SignPath we are able to offer digitally signed windows releases.
  • Improved Wayland support on Gnome
    • Behind the scenes we configure flameshot to automatically run on xcb. This significantly improves the
      wayland experience. This resolves issues with multimonitor setups and copying to the clipboard
  • Ability to run flameshot on Sway
  • New option to allow the the clipboard image to be a jpeg instead of a png. This may reduce bandwidth when pasting the
    image into chat or email clients
  • New global shortcut menu. All actions hotkeys are fully customizable.
  • Ability to take "symmetric" selections by holding down the Shift key while resizing the selection.
  • The rectangle tool will now round the corners of the rectangles based on the current thickness
  • All imgur uploads are now tracked in the "Upload History" menu. This makes it much easier to delete of images off imgur
    or find the upload link later.
  • Added "check for new release" feature. This allows users on MacOS / Windows / and AppImages to easily check for updated versions.
  • New option for setting a "fixed save path". When this is enabled a user will no longer need to set the path for images
    that are saved.
  • Under certain circumstance the circle count could get set to the wrong number with large numbers of undo / redo. This has been fixed.
  • Close after capture has been removed. This feature was not well implemented and lead to numerous bugs.
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