KeepSolid New Year Giveaway [VPN Unlimited + Passwarden]


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22 Kwiecień 2016

VPN Unlimited

The VPN technology keeps hackers and identity thieves at bay and unblocks restricted web content in your country by connecting to worldwide servers. VPN Unlimited is a simple and powerful VPN solution that will let you secure your online activities, Wi-Fi connections and bypass ISP restrictions. VPN Unlimited is as a very capable VPN, with main focus yo unblock multiple streaming sites. P2P is supported, though only at five locations(opens in new tab): Canada, France, Luxembourg, Romania and the US (California).

Protocol support includes OpenVPN, IKEv2 and the speedy WireGuard. There's a further protocol bonus which redirects traffic through the TCP 443 and UDP 33434 ports. This will make it more difficult to detect and block.


KeepSolid Passwarden

Password managers make it easy and convenient to use dozens of unique random passwords without getting overwhelmed. They help protect your passwords and streamline their management.This helps combat the biggest cybersecurity threat from using the same password over and over again simply out of convenience.

Passwarden is an easy and safe password manager. Store your passwords and other important data protected by encryption. The program will easily transfer your external data, keep your data safe online, synced between devices and simplify your online routine. You can easily sign in to all your accounts in one click.

Only one password to remember
Secure storage for any sensitive information
Generator of complex & unique passwords
Unlimited devices per one account
Security Dashboard
Two-factor authentication
Secure data sharing
duress mode
Extra layers of security

The winners will get a license from each app:

First 10 winners: Annual license of VPN Unlimited and Annual license of Passwarden

Second 20 winners: 6 months license of VPN Unlimited and Annual license of Passwarden

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