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26 Maj 2015
Notepad3 to szybki i lekki edytor tekstu oparty na
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z podświetlaniem składni. Może być zamiennikiem domyślnego edytora tekstu (Notatnik) w Windows, który ma jednak pewne ograniczenia.
Program oferuje wiele dodatkowych funkcji, ma niewielki rozmiar, ale jest wystarczająco wydajny, aby obsłużyć większość zadań programistycznych. Jest oparty na kodzie z
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Floriana Balmera i
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Porównanie funkcji Notepad2 i Notepad3
Funkcje Notepad2:

-obsługa podświetlania składni dla ASP, języka asemblera, C, C++, C#, Common Gateway Interface (CGI), kaskadowych arkuszy stylów (CSS), HTML, Java, JavaScript, NSIS, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, SQL, Visual Basic (VB), VBScript, XHTML, XML, BAT, DIFF, INF, INI, REG i pliki konfiguracyjne
-automatyczne wcięcie
-dopasowanie wspornika
-konwersja kodowania znaków między formatami ASCII, UTF-8 i UTF-16
-wielokrotne cofanie/ponawianie; prostokątny wybór bloku
-konwersja formatu Newline między formatami DOS (CR/LF), Unix (LF) i Macintosh (CR)
-wyszukiwanie i zastępowanie oparte na wyrażeniach regularnych

Notepad3 – zmiany w porównaniu do Notepad2:
-składanie kodu
-obsługa zakładek
-opcja zaznaczenia wszystkich wystąpień słowa
-automatyczne uzupełnianie słów
-obsługa podświetlania składni dla skryptów AutoHotkey, AutoIt3, AviSynth, Bash, CMake, CoffeeScript, Inno Setup, LaTeX, Lua, Markdown, NSIS, Ruby, Tcl, YAML i VHDL
-poprawione wsparcie dla NFO ANSI art.
-obsługa zastępowania Notatnika systemu Windows za pomocą czystej, nieinwazyjnej metody opartej na rejestrze
-inne różne drobne zmiany i ulepszenia.
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Portable .paf:
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19 Wrzesień 2018
On a Bike!
Notepad3 5.20.411.2
Changes in version 5.20.411.2 (2020-04-11)

  • Executables and ddl's are now signed.
  • Fix DPI scaling of Toolbar bitmaps (avoid slicing by rounding errors).
  • "Open with Notepad3" Right-Click in Explorer Context Menu (install/setup version).
  • In About Resources: Data Sharing Service from
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  • Automatic scrolling when dragging selected text near window edge (SCI).
  • break rectangular selection into multiple selection on end-of-lines (move caret).
  • Infos of screen/display/dpi for "Copy Version Info" button.
  • Preserve stream selection in file history (w/ text position remembering).
  • Language dependent status bar abbreviations.
  • Copy directory to clipboard and Open path in explorer.
  • Toggle menu bar option.
  • Add Lexicographical Line Sort Order.
  • CSV Prism Color Lexer.
  • Preserve File Modification Date/Time: Option stays until new session is started.
  • Save with Original File Date/Time - Ctrl+Alt+F6.

  • Change default settings for word/long-line wrapping.
  • Update "KeyboardShortcuts.txt".
  • Split undo typing sequence by line-breaks default -> true.
  • Add file history to recent docs (taskbar) jumplist.
  • NP3 INI file read/write using file locking (shared read / exclusive write) for multiple instances.
  • Reset build-of-the-day number in AppVeyor on new day.
  • Change version numbering of build_# (the build number is now daily based).
  • Remove AppVeyors build number, add build-of-the-day number, add short version of commit/local build ID.
  • Accelerator key remapping: move line up/down vs. jump folds.
  • Separate auto esc'd control chars from "transform backslashes" switch in find/replace dialog.
  • Increase encoding detection confidence threshold to 92%.
  • Finetuning of Single Byte Char Set (SBCS) detection.
  • Add current Encoding and Lexer to "Copy Version Text".
  • Lexer keyword initializer list simplified.
  • Find/Replace dialog: in case of "transform backslashes" do Esc control seqs.
  • Upper confidence level for UCHARDET to: "AnalyzeReliableConfidenceLevel=92".
  • UCHARDET: Enhanced confidence calculation for Single Byte Character Set (SBCS).
  • Replace std messagebox "save modified file warning" by (silent) custom messagebox if message beeps are muted.
  • Don't Auto-Close blank untitled document, only empty untitled document.
  • Encoding detection fallback: if "Load ASCII as UTF-8" is checked use UTF-8 (if valid) else current ANSI code-page.
  • Use Ctrl+Shift+L for toggle "Menu: Reuse Window" option.
  • Inversion of Accelerator key Ctrl+Alt+L with Ctrl+Shift+L.
  • Change wording "Administrator" to "Elevated".
  • Hidden "ExitOnESCSkipLevel" feature (Exit on ESC can ignore a selection).
  • ESC Key clears active selection (not exiting Notepad3 if configured) (Config: ExitOnESCSkipLevel=2).
  • Set large file size limit to 2GB (INT32_MAX).
  • Set big file size limit warning to 64MB (syntax highlighting is switched off) (Config: FileLoadWarningMB=64).
  • New Notepad3 Icon (Notepad3 icon by designed by
  • Initial default big toolbar only for monitors > Full-HD.
  • Copy to clipboard instead of insert (filename, path, GUID).
  • Option [Settings2] LexerSQLNumberSignAsComment.
  • Option [Settings2] LineCommentPortfixStrg= e.g. add a space to comment chars.
  • Option [Settings2] NoCopyLineOnEmptySelection and NoCutLineOnEmptySelection.
  • Appearance of INFOBOX4 (MB_YESNOCANCEL).
  • Thin rectangular (multi) selection after toggeling line-comment block for multi insertion.
  • Full Work Area Mode (F11) -> Full Screen Mode (Maximize window if "full work area" is requested).
  • Ctrl+Alt+Enter AutoCompletion behavior.
  • Menu and behavior for copy/paste and copy/paste line.
  • Allow each modification step to split undo typing sequence (set timeout 0 < to < 20ms).
  • Split undo typing sequence (by line-breaks and/or timeout) (UndoTransactionTimeout=0, LnBrk via Menu).
  • Update Oniguruma Regex (ONI) engine version 6.9.5 (2020/01/28).
  • Update Scintilla Library (SCI) version 4.3.2 (2020/03/06).

  • Load files larger than 2GB (64-bit) - Limit to 4GB (Scintilla problems).
  • Parameter to set document limit for big files (switch off highlighting).
  • ScintillaWin: IMEJPCancelAction (SCI).
  • File locking mechanism (.ini-file) to avoid multi process file write race conditions.
  • Menu entries for move line and folding control.
  • Multi-line Search Find/Replace.
  • Apply Start Case to AutoHotkey Lexer.
  • Change to 1-pass (file open/close) to save settings in Notepad3.ini.
  • Enclosing selection with HTML-Tag - Remember last pattern (session).
  • Repeat selection enclosing (HTML-Tag) n-times control.
  • Hyperlink detection for Unicode.

  • Locale dependent string comparison and Logical Number comparison.
  • Review scroll behavior for context menu and Stop scrolling on context menu click.
  • Do not use analysis hint UTF-8, if file is invalid UTF-8.
  • Configurable default ANSI code-page (locale) detection bonus.
  • No AutoCompletion on empty words (busy loop bug).
  • DPI Scaling Toolbar and DPI scaling selection mode.
  • Common controls will use preferred/available MUI language.
  • Sticky window position handling.
  • Initial, default and current window position handling.
  • Debug assertion (isspace() called on non ASCII char).
  • Correct return result of Styles export.
  • Scintilla method declaration.
  • Move hardcoded lexer <-> filename (w/o .ext) associations to configurable scheme (regex def).
  • Drag&drop rectangular selection shuffles chars.
  • Paint() hangs due to unnecessary LockWindowsUpdate().
  • Drag&drop selection should use configured slop settings.
  • Internal file-history submitted to taskbar JumpList.
  • Load files larger than 2GB (64-bit) - Limit to 4GB (Scintilla problems).
  • Automatic scrolling when dragging text near window edge: make caret visible after drop.
  • No styling for big/large files (loading speedup and UI responsiveness).
  • Esc skip level on rect/multi-selection.
  • Avoid caret jump on cancel multi-selection (esc).
  • In case of "Transform BS", swallow single slashes not related to a ctrl-char.
  • Handling of default settings for deprecated 'SciDirectWriteTech=...'
  • Concurrent access to .ini-File (lock file).
  • Caret virtual space movement options: remove "SCVS_NOWRAPLINESTART".
  • Jump to selection "start/end" operations.
  • Word lists for LUA Lexer.
  • Line Comment (Toggle) for NIM Lexer.
  • Slow indentation (TAB/BACKTAB).
  • AutoCompletion box.
  • Find/Replace Dialog behavior.
  • Transform backslashes while pasting into search/replace box.
  • Some issues for lexers: YAML and JSON.
  • Clipboard multi-line paste hook for Find/Replace pattern CB.
  • Allow multi-line Search Find/Replace pattern.
  • IME color and IME color styler.
  • Wrong language reference for lexer : "Tag".
  • "Recent Files" History handling.
  • URL Encode/Decode (according to RFC 3986) for (Win7 API).
  • Win7 "procedure entry point "SetCoalescableTimer()" could not be located.
  • Wrap to Column - default=80.
  • Preserve file modification time option on elevated.
  • Elevated relaunch after encoding change.
  • Sub dialog centering in multi monitor environment.
  • Modern style message box icons.
  • System MessageBox() for "not saved" warning on modified files.
  • Oniguruma RegEx engine: respect EOL mode on encoding type.
  • Wrong encoding detection settings for explicit config .ini-File load.
  • Disable HyperLink calltip on ESC, as long as caret is in hyperlink text range.
  • Crash on very large file size (rejecting too big files).
  • Batch lexer: handle comment after ampersand(&) command sequence.
  • Bug in replace on single step find/replace.
  • Convert to Hex and vice versa: work on (stream-)selection (original source by ZuFuLiu).
  • Comparison warning: signed/unsigned mismatch.
  • Canonical ini-file style section order for settings from scratch.
  • Prevent concurrent settings-file-access (re-launch elevated).
  • Small fixes on "Relaunch Elevated" functionality.
  • Minor fixes for window positioning by cmdline parameter.
  • Minor correction of HotKey.
  • Ctrl+Shift-C/X and Paste behavior.
  • Markdown highlight overflow.
  • Redo initial selection after replace (ins/del).
  • Hyperlink Regex detection and Update visible indicator issue.
  • Correct resource id for language sk-SK.
  • Insertion handling: keep selection if non empty selection is replaced.
  • TAB behavior after multi-selection undo sequence.
  • Encoding tag insertion (Ctrl+F8).
  • Division by zero exception (indentation and tab width).
  • Selection undo/redo in case of "lean" change notify event.

  • "Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F" (Code Folding) no longer works from Windows 10 19H1 1903.

  • Afrikaans (af-za).
  • Belarusian (be-by).
  • Chinese Simplified (zh-cn).
  • Dutch (nl-nl).
  • English (en-gb).
  • French (fr-fr).
  • German (de-de).
  • Hungarian (hu-hu).
  • Italian (it-it).
  • Japanese (ja-jp).
  • Korean (ko-kr) (to resume…).
  • Polish (pl-pl).
  • Portuguese Brazilian (pt-br) (to resume…).
  • Russian (ru-ru).
  • Slovak (sk-sk) (to resume…).
  • Spanish (es-es).
  • Swedish (sv-se).
  • Turkish (tr-tr) (to resume…).
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Bardzo aktywny
19 Wrzesień 2018
On a Bike!
Notepad3 5.20.722.1 (2020-07-22)
Changes in version 5.20.722.1 (2020-07-22)

  • grepWinNP3: export search results (GRE).
  • changed grepWinNP3 icon (GRE).
  • Add Toolbar icon for grepWinNP3.
  • Configurable Zoom-Tooltip display timeout ([Settings2] ZoomTooltipTimeout=3200).
  • Add Install/Remove "Open with Notepad3" to Notepad3 Setup/Installer (SUP).
  • Add additional Dark Theme "Sombra".
  • Strip first char: allow multi-selection.
  • Open default browser while clicking tooltip (hovering hyperlink).
  • Regex multi-select feature.
  • Toolbar hot-button if view is zoomed (<>100%).
  • Call-Back Notepad3 (from grepWinNP3) with case-sensitive and dot-match-all flag (if applicable).
  • Add "Overlapping Search" in Find/Replace dialog window.
  • Integration of external Search-In-Files tool named "grepWinNP3" (GRE).

  • "grepWinNP3" About dialog wrapping long text (GRE).
  • Silent ignore write permissions missing on Inifile.
  • Replace non DPI Aware MessageBox for "Save on Close" by internal InfoBox
  • Set DirectWite (D2D) rendering technology as new default.
  • Two stage Toolbar reset (customizing dialog): 1st -> settings 2nd -> factory default.
  • DPI_CHANGED msg handler.
  • Enhancement of the "build_np3portableapp.cmd" file.
  • Remove duplicate readme.txt, license.txt and unused files.
  • Move all readme.txt, license.txt, KeyboardShortcuts.txt, etc... files
  • from "Notepad3Portable\Other\Help" to "Notepad3Portable\App\Notepad3\Docs"
  • Review and format the license.txt file for the dialogbox of INNO Installer.
  • Font style/face-name handling.
  • Extended Font selection dialog (Effects).
  • Font selection refactoring.
  • Revised grepWinNP3.ini file creation.
  • Minor changes for dialog handling on DPI changed.
  • Preparations for dpi-aware resizable "Customize Schemes..." dialog.
  • DPI change handling: About & Schemes dialog.
  • Markdown Lexer: new defaults for Header lines.
  • Strip first char: do not apply on all text (empty selection).
  • Reorganization Context menu.
  • Bigger prev/next button-icons (Customize Schemes... dialog).
  • Hyperlink double-click and MMB-click behavior.
  • Filevar tag "fill-column" changes to support multi-column marker.
  • Installer to let the user select the target directory.
  • Changed Default long-line wrap settings.
  • Remove spinning wait-cursor for text operations (may need reactivation for long operations).
  • Add filepath to message on file locking error.
  • Update grepWinNP3 (GRE) version (2020-07-21).
  • Update Oniguruma Regex (ONI) engine version 6.9.6 (2020/07/05).
  • Update Scintilla Library (SCI) version 4.4.3 (2020/06/03).

  • "grepWinNP3": add "Dark mode" settings (GRE).
  • "grepWinNP3": asynchronous search & replace version (GRE).
  • DPI awareness and multi monitor handling.

  • Alt+W (strip trailing blanks) should work w/o selection.
  • TimeStamp handling.
  • Menu selection operation (disable w/o selection).
  • Move view to matching brace (even if outside current work area).
  • Ask before overriding read-only protected configuration file.
  • Respect read-only file attribute of .ini-settings-file (configuration).
  • Undo/redo empty selection redundancy.
  • Multiple line-/stream-selection undo/redo.
  • Disabled Find/Replace or Customize Schemes (by modal child) dialog should disable main window.
  • Printing scaling problem related to DPI awareness changes.
  • System MessageBox "save before close" positioning.
  • Reset of Toolbar configuration dialog.
  • Crash if "close after find" is enabled.
  • Keep current line on reverting file.
  • Limit length of (manual) commit ID.
  • DPI Aware relative positioning of position managed dialog boxes.
  • DPI: awareness for Find/Replace-Dlg (remove resize property).
  • DPI: awareness for Lexer-Selection-Dlg (remove resize property).
  • DPI scaling for Scintilla surface component (thanx zufuliu).
  • Unexpected selection of hyperlink in first line on empty doubleclick.
  • Missing UI update (Margin Width).
  • Don't overwrite grepWinNP3's user settings for backup in folders (GRE).
  • Common base font inheritance for other styles.
  • "grepWinNP3" crash on invalid file path (GRE).
  • "vcxproj" should use the latest installed SDK.
  • Scintilla as DLL solution.
  • Extended font style selection.
  • Don't add recent file list (history) to taskbar's jump-list.
  • Fixing some CppCheck complaints.
  • Broken x86 (32-bit) build.
  • Theme scheme file handling (file extension inheritance).
  • Remember find pattern (Ctrl+F3).
  • Customize Toolbar dialog closes immediately.
  • ".ini-file" acquire lock for invalid file path.
  • Cancel multi-selection on line up/down key.
  • Initial behavior on open Find/Replace dialog.
  • Lost Find/Replace dialog settings.
  • Lazy syntax styling (copy into multi-line string, etc.).
  • ToolsMenu flickering.
  • "grepWinNP3": optimized single-tread worker option (GRE).
  • View selection on wrapped long-lines vs. normalizing view.
  • Don't protect backslash (double'\\') for pattern argument.
  • "grepWinNP3" ordered map of languages for selection box (GRE).
  • Translatable error message format (msgbox).
  • DPI scaling window on display dependent.

  • Remove DWrite Font Choose Dialog - need to type fractional font sizes manually.

  • Afrikaans (af-za).
  • Belarusian (be-by).
  • Chinese Simplified (zh-cn).
  • Chinese Traditional (zh-TW) in progress...
  • Dutch (nl-nl).
  • English (en-gb).
  • French (fr-fr).
  • German (de-de).
  • Hindi (hi-IN) in progress...
  • Hungarian (hu-hu).
  • Indonesian (id-ID) in progress...
  • Italian (it-it).
  • Japanese (ja-jp).
  • Korean (ko-KR).
  • Polish (pl-pl).
  • Portuguese (pt-PT).
  • Portuguese Brazilian (pt-BR) in progress...
  • Russian (ru-ru).
  • Slovak (sk-SK).
  • Spanish (es-es).
  • Spanish Mexican (es-MX) in progress...
  • Swedish (sv-se).
  • Turkish (tr-TR) in progress...
  • Vietnamese (vi-VN) in progress...

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