1. J

    AudioVideo iZotope Ozone Elements 9 & DJ Swivel Spread - (Win & Mac)

    #StayCreative Plugin Bundle (Ozone Elements & DJ Swivel Spread) for free for limited time.
  2. I

    AudioVideo Anarchy Comp plugin for free [PC,Mac,VST,AU]

    Anarchy Comp is a versatile compressor suitable for use on any kind of sound, mix buss, or master buss. Its 55 preset strong library has the perfect starting points you need to get your sounds under control in any situation. As well as all the features of regular compression, with its 2...
  3. I

    AudioVideo Cinematic Trailer SFX by GHOSTHACK [PC,Mac]

  4. I

    AudioVideo Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra plugin free [PC & Mac]

    Start writing music with the world-famous BBC Symphony Orchestra. 33 instruments brought to life inside our free, easy-to-use plugin, compatible with any major music creation software – from Garageband to Pro Tools. Link:
  5. Grandalf

    BlobBackup - wersja rozwojowa

    Strona domowa Blobbackup Recenzja Blobbackup na Pobieranie:
  6. I

    Biuro Perfect PDF 9 Premium za darmo [PC & Mac]

    Compared to open text documents or tables, PDFs have the advantage that they can be opened and displayed unchanged on any computer without the original software. Perfect PDF 9 Premium from Verlag Markt + Technik is powerful software with which you can easily convert all your documents into this...
  7. Kamelka

    Narzędzia IFinancer za darmo

    IFinancer v2.2 lifetime dla Win i Mac iFinancer
  8. Kamelka

    Biuro Text OCR Xtractor za darmo

    Text OCR Xtractor v1.0.3.11 dla Mac PCWinSoft PDF Text OCR Xtractor
  9. Kamelka

    Narzędzia App Translation Bot za darmo

    App Translation Bot v1.0.3.12 dla Mac PCWinSoft App Translation Bot
  10. Kamelka

    Narzędzia Taskolly za darmo

    Taskolly v1.5 dla Win i Mac lifetime Taskolly
  11. Kamelka

    Narzędzia Power Form Builder za darmo

    Power Form Builder v1.0.3.10 dla Mac Power Form Builder
  12. I

    AudioVideo DriveShaper Distortion by Cableguys (PC,Mac) za darmo

    From laser-focused harmonic warmth and sizzle to massively modulated mayhem that reacts and breathes in synergy with your music, DriveShaper does it all – and more. Animate any of 10 exciting shaping algorithms using easy, drawable LFOs and simple 1-slider Envelope Followers. Create magical...

    PC Prison Architect za darmo

    Prison Architect za darmo na PC, Mac i linux
  14. Kamelka

    AudioVideo Power Audio Editor za darmo

    PCWinSoft Power Audio Editor v1.0.4.25 dla Mac Power Audio Editor
  15. C

    Security BuhoCleaner za darmo

  16. I

    AudioVideo Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer za darmo (PC,Mac)

    The Fat and Funky Sound of the Electronics Super Store Legend, now FREE! The fun and funky Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer is a super authentic recreation of the Realistic MG-1 synthesizer sold in Radio Shack stores in the 80's. The Surrealistic MG-1 Plus delivers fat analog tone in spades...
  17. C

    iToolab FixGo za darmo

    iToolab FixGo Giveaway

    FreeTube - YouTube z dodatkowymi opcjami i bez śledzenia

    FreeTube to bezpłatny program przeznaczony dla systemów Windows, Mac oraz Linux który pozwala korzystać z serwisu YouTube bardziej bezpiecznie dbając o prywatność użytkownika, posiada otwarty kod źródłowy oraz masę dodatkowych funkcji, dostępny jest w wielu językach (w tym polskim)...
  19. Kamelka

    Grafika Screen Logger za darmo

    Screen Logger v1.0.4.39 dla Mac PCWinSoft Screen Logger
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