Pachtop to małe i bezpłatne narzędzie dla systemów Windows, macOS oraz Linux które pozwala monitorować zasoby systemowe w czasie rzeczywistym. Wyświetla szczegółowe informacje o systemie, CPU, pamięci RAM, wykorzystaniu sieci, dyskach itp. W razie potrzeby pozwala przeglądać uruchomione procesy...
  2. Grandalf

    Nowe złośliwe oprogramowanie Atomic dla macOS kradnące informacje atakuje 50 portfeli kryptograficznych
  3. N

    Oine Player [macOS]

    Audiofilski odtwarzacz audio o wyglądzie zbliżonym do Aimp/WinAmp z Windows. Bezpłatny. Sporo opcji ustawień przetwarzania dźwięku. Pine Player
  4. J

    PC Dual Chroma: Academy Carols (Windows & Mac & Linux) za darmo

    Dual Chroma: Academy Carols is a free for limited time on Ends February 9, 2023. Dual Chroma: Academy Carols Winter break has come to Aradal. Unable to afford the journey back home, you brace yourself for a long snowfall alone at the Magic Academy, only to find you aren't the last...
  5. J

    Goose Goose Duck (Windows & Mac)

    Goose Goose Duck is free to play on Steam. Goose Goose Duck Goose, goose, DUCK? Goose, goose, DUCK? A game of social deduction where you and your fellow geese must work together to complete your mission. Keep an eye out for those malicious Mallards and other birds, who have infiltrated your...
  6. J

    PC A Thief's Quest (Windows & Mac) za darmo

    A Thief's Quest is a free for limited time on Ends January 13, 2023 at 6:00 AM. Notice: Newer macOS systems are no longer supported by RPGMaker MV. The Windows version is suggested if possible, but older/non-updated Mac users should be fine. More information can be found here...
  7. J

    PC Nentrix Escape-S (Windows & Mac & Linux) za darmo)

    Nentrix Escape-S is a free for limited time on Ends January 15, 2023. Nentrix Escape-S Nentrix Escape-S simulates a fictional handheld console from circa 2006. Navigate the system menu, earn E-Coins, and spend them on loads of games, apps, and even wallpapers! From the custom...
  8. J

    PC REDASTERIOD (Windows & Mac) za darmo

    REDASTERIOD is a free for limited time on Ends January 31, 2023. REDASTERIOD You have an exclusive chance to control a mission on Mars! REDASTERIOD it is game about mars colonization, build you're laboratory, greenhouse, storage and much more modules. Answer questions that will...
  9. J

    PC The Spark of One (Windows & Mac & Linux) za darmo

    The Spark of One is a free for limited time on Ends today - January 5, 2023 at at 7:00 PM. The Spark of One To explain the game I leave you this poem: A world of despair There is something wrong This world isn't fair Something can be done We must stay strong Things can change Because...
  10. J

    Antimatter Dimensions (Windows & Mac)

    Antimatter Dimensions is free to play on Steam. Antimatter Dimensions Antimatter Dimensions was originally created in 2016 by Hevipelle as a web based game, however it's development has since expanded to have multiple developers, and even more testers. During the first years, it was...
  11. J

    PC Bah, Humbug! (Windows & Mac) za darmo

    Bah, Humbug! is a free for limited time on Ends January 6, 2023 at 12:59 AM. Bah, Humbug! It's the day after your school Xmas party and your parents are away for the weekend. It's a great idea to see if you can find your Xmas presents before they get back because you know they are...
  12. J

    PC Bitcoin Clicker (Windows & Mac & Linux) za darmo

    Bitcoin Clicker is a free for limited time on Ends January 5, 2023 at 7:00 PM. Bitcoin Clicker In BitCoinClicker, you have to click on a BitCoin. With these BitCoins, you can buy upgrades and items to get more BitCoins. Have fun. Bitcoin Clicker
  13. J

    PC MECH ZERO: Lost in Space (Windows & Mac & Linux) za darmo

    MECH ZERO: Lost in Space is a free for limited time on Ends January 5, 2023 at 7:00 PM. MECH ZERO: Lost in Space MECH ZERO: Lost in Space is a Hack'n'Slash Action game where you control a robot that is on the run due to the fact that it is a machine of mass destruction, that is, it...
  14. J

    PC I need to pee (Windows & Mac & Android) za darmo

    I need to pee is a free for limited time on Ends December 31, 2022 at 10:00 PM. I need to pee I need to pee is an adventure game about overcoming difficulties. This game describes my feelings in 2020. You want something that can be archived pretty easily but still fight some...
  15. J

    Education (Edukacja) for iOS za darmo

    Sailing School is a free for limited time on the App Store. Notice: Designed for iPad. Sailing the open seas is the ultimate freedom! Wide skies, fresh air, comradeship, it’s all there for you and Sailing School app can help you get it. This is the most complete, interactive, engaging...
  16. J

    PC Nanuleu (Windows & Mac & Linux) za darmo

    Nanuleu is a free for limited time on Ends December 29, 2022 at 7:00 PM. Nanuleu Nanuleu is a RTS/Tower defense game where you control a network of magical trees that need to survive and defeat the enemies that attempt to destroy them. In this game your only task is to plant, but...
  17. J

    PC The Forest Deep (Windows & Mac & Linux) za darmo

    The Forest Deep is a free or name your own price for limited time on Ends January 5, 2022. Warning: Psychological horror, themes of abuse, implied body horror, some strong language. Recommended for ages 16+, not suitable for those under 13. The Forest Deep The Forest Deep is a...
  18. J

    PC Ecoman (Windows & Mac) za darmo

    Ecoman is a free for limited time on Ends December 31, 2022. Ecoman Ecoman is a short game created during Eco Jam held in Museum of Contemporary Art Garage during 23-24 November. After undergoing some serious polish, it is finally out. How to play - very simple: - WASD - Esc to...
  19. J

    PC FlyBallRace (Windows & Mac & Android) za darmo

    FlyBallRace is a free for limited time on Ends January 5, 2023. FlyBallRace Ball race with 6 level with different enviroment with realistic graphics and cool effect and different ball color it is available for both Windows and Android and Mac. It is my first game I know it is not...
  20. J

    Pet the Pup at the Party (Windows & Mac & Linux)

    Pet the Pup at the Party is a free on Pet the Pup at the Party Controls: - WASD to move - Left click to interact w/ doors + people + pups - Right click to zoom - Follow the arfs to find the pup Features: - 52 radical and special pups to pet - Unlock all of the very good dogs in the...
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