PC Better to Upload i Better to Upload 2 za darmo


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14 Luty 2014
"Better to Upload is a content Creator themed RPG Horror Game based on the Youtuber
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. This story takes place in a future where
a group of creators created simulated worlds where another version of themselves can live in and work as creators. It is done by a procedure called the Activation. Once someone becomes an Active they lose all memory of how they got to these simulated worlds and often think it is still real life. You
play as a character trapped inside one of these simulated worlds, playing games created by people on the outside to help you understand what has happened to you and where you are. Now you are trapped in this fake world forced to create and upload horror gaming videos every day while being inside one."
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"Better to Upload 2 Souls is a Youtuber themed, 2.5D horror game about creators being cloned for content farming.
This game is not a sequel to the first game, Better to Upload. Its it's own game and can be played without the first game."
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