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14 Czerwiec 2020
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Humanity has settled its first Jupiter-lunar colony. Rhonda is on the run after stealing a powerful political symbol. The Enforcers have sent a Hunter - a ferocious, relentless cyborg with whom Rhonda has a history - named Diarmuid to track her.

That is, until the alien Guardian appears on the horizon. For the symbol in question is no a mere item. It needs to be returned to its resting place, before it is too late. Thief and Enforcer must now work together to save the colony.

- Can they put aside their differences long enough to do so?
- Can they learn to like each other?
- Can they even possibly learn to love each other?
- Sci-fi robo-otome RPG set on a terraformed Ganymede
- Play as Rhonda, the notorious thief and puckish rogue
- Bond with Diarmuid - the cyborg enforcer and defender of justice - through turn-based battles and pleasant conversation
- Learn more about the mysterious cybernetic pursuer, the monster attacking the colony, the item, and Ganymede itself
- Meet the inhabitants of humanity's first Jupiter-lunar colony
- Experience four potential endings based on how you choose to deal with the artifact and on your relationship with Diarmuid.

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