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13 Październik 2010
Miałam w systemie zainstalowaną Vivaldi, ale ją odinstalowałam, bo jej prawie nie używałam... Poza tym @al odradził komuś jej używanie.. Widocznie coś z nią było nie tak...


The janitor
Członek Załogi
22 Lipiec 2012
Vivaldi 2.2

  • [New] Add a “Save selected tabs as a session” feature VB-27448
  • [New] Add numbered accelerators to elements in main Window menu VB-45894
  • [New] Closed tabs now can be reached by Quick Command and a keyboard shortcut VB-43189
  • [New] Configurable Address toolbar VB-45486
  • [New] Configurable Status toolbar VB-46258
  • [New] Mute all other tabs via the tab context menu VB-11239
  • [New] Search box on Speed Dial VB-23505
  • [New] Show webpage access key shortcuts VB-44852
  • [New] Enable Poput Video (Picture-in-Picture)
  • [New] Middle clicking in Back/Forward history drop-down should open the page in new tab VB-9086
  • [New] [Linux] Automatically fetch Widevine (EME) to enable Netflix, Prime Video, etc. VB-25847
  • [Windows] Logo lacking gap in header VB-45831
  • [Linux] Cache known good versions of libffmpeg VB-44716
  • [Mac] “⌘⇧C” to copy text to note changed to “⌘⌥C” VB-36702
  • [Mac] Ampersand & does not display in folder items VB-45644
  • [Mac] Fullscreen UI drops down when it shouldn’t VB-45008
  • [Mac] Problem with Show/Hide Window Panel state on Menu Bar VB-32080
  • [Address Bar] Caret in address bar jumps to the start when arrow key up is pressed VB-45498
  • [Address Bar] Search without nickname adds space in front of search VB-45762
  • [Address bar] Ability to toggle only selected extensions VB-35195
  • [Address bar] Arrow up behavior when dropdown menu is not open VB-45754
  • [Address bar] Esc in URL field closes dropdown and losses focus VB-46092
  • [Address bar] URL field focused twice, blinks VB-44799
  • [Address bar] URL field does not check for protocol handlers when pasting links VB-44833
  • [Bookmarks] Bookmark in folder can open in multiple tabs VB-40580
  • [Bookmarks] Import does not support descriptions transfer VB-43246
  • [Bookmarks] Loading pages when you have a lot of bookmarks is slow VB-46339
  • [Bookmarks bar] Ampersand (&) does not display in folder items VB-45213
  • [Bookmarks bar] Icon Drag and Drop space VB-28113
  • [Capture] Allow capture selection to extend outside the Vivaldi window VB-46656
  • [Focus] Cursor switches place based on mouseclick up location VB-45820
  • [Menus] Add bookmark context menu item for history items VB-27010
  • [Navigation] Fast Forward gets activated on inappropriate pages VB-46796
  • [Navigation] Smarter detection of page navigation for fast forward VB-44446
  • [Notes] Added notification when a new note is created and the notes panel is closed VB-23642
  • [Notes] Notification firing from background windows VB-46074
  • [Notes] Pasting a note with screenshot adds another screenshot VB-46073
  • [Page Interaction] Webview gets focus when showing internal page VB-45272
  • [Panels] “Save All as Bookmarks” in Window Panel don’t work for closed tabs VB-42598
  • [Panels] Alphabetical sorting for accented letters in bookmarks panel VB-36262
  • [Panels] Favicon missing when using a panel, works on within tab VB-12180
  • [Panels] Panels are hard to resize VB-39870
  • [Panels] Vertical main menu shows incorrect accelerator keys initially when panel is hidden VB-42330
  • [Panels] Allow middle click to close tab or stack in the Window panel VB-34686
  • [Quick Commands] Add “Remove From Tabstack” VB-46239
  • [Quick Commands] Add “Show Closed Tabs” VB-43188
  • [Quick Commands] Add “Ungroup Tab Stack” command to Quick Commands VB-44506
  • [Quick Commands] Caret jumps in textfield when using arrow up VB-45494
  • [Quick Commands] Foreground and Background Overriding VB-45473
  • [Quick Commands] Search instead of going to entered IP address VB-35328
  • [Quick Commands] Search result tuning VB-45938
  • [Search] Arrow up in search bar suggestion causes caret to jump VB-45886
  • [Search] Update the logo and name for Startpage search engine VB-46108
  • [Settings] “Confirm Opening Bookmarks over Maximum of” - edit field constraints VB-40350
  • [Settings] Keyboard friendly categories VB-6879
  • [Settings] Move to submenu should contain New Window VB-45264
  • [Settings] Obsolete “Zoom” shortcut and mouse gesture actions VB-45152
  • [Settings] Possible to assign the same keyboard shortcut to two commands VB-44390
  • [Settings] Tab Muting doesn’t match search for “mute” VB-40354
  • [Settings] Tooltips not visible over text VB-42440
  • [Settings] Wrong behaviour with Keyboard shortcut editing VB-46010
  • [Settings] Add description for “Minimize Active Tab” VB-42972
  • [Settings] Add option to disable Google DNS—used to help resolve navigation errors VB-47091
  • [Speed Dial] No rocker gestures on Speed Dial VB-10512
  • [Speed Dial] Tabs inaccessible with New Tab Page other than Start Page VB-39875
  • [Sync] Converting more settings to syncable types VB-45835
  • [Tabs] Minimum tab width can interfere with positioning VB-43274
  • [Tabs] Switch tabs by scroll fails between tabs VB-45220
  • [Tabs] Untiling tabs does not drop selection VB-45471
  • [Tabs] Wrong tabs alignment after closing a tab VB-44574
  • [Themes] Correct grouping of Hue lights VB-36293
  • [UI] Add page / all pages as bookmark should add under selected element VB-45451
  • [UI] Allow identical underscored letters in menus as last resort VB-45887
  • [UI] Artifacts on the buttons when system scale bigger than 100% VB-45319
  • [UI] Blank page before a website loads now follows the theme background color VB-46504
  • [UI] Mouse cursor hides in full screen video VB-23964
  • [UI] Only the visible area of the tab group popup should be clickable VB-45036
  • [UI] Scrolling with PgUp/PgDn should work when find-in-page is open VB-45412
  • [UI] Toolbar buttons can remain highlighted VB-46229
  • [UI] Top Domains in History should be links VB-46523
  • Updated Translations
  • Upgraded Chromium to 71.0.3578.85
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Bardzo aktywny
25 Grudzień 2012