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14 Czerwiec 2020
Fade Away is a free for limited time on Ends November 30, 2022 at 6:59 PM.

Flashing images, characters getting lost in the forest, being chased by monsters, potentially claustrophobic situations, lots of eye imagery.

Fade Away

Fade Away is a 2 player asymmetric couch co-op puzzle adventure game for PC and Mac about two friends trying to escape a magical forest before they fade away forever.

Players will punch monsters, channel magic, and push around rocks in 5 unique levels as they search for a way out. Fade Away supports both keyboard controls and Joy-Con controls, and it features accessibility settings to accommodate players.

Sit down with a friend and set out into the forest as Willow and Amber. Willow's newfound magical powers help them conjure new paths forward through the woods and freeze monsters in their tracks, while Amber's bravery and muscles make her great at moving even the heaviest boulders and punching apart monsters.

Use your asymmetric abilities to the fullest and play to each other's strengths. But beware, this forest is not safe, and as you stray away from each other, you'll fade out of existence with every passing second. Solve puzzles, fight off monsters, and find your way out of the fog, before it's too late!

Fade Away provides approximately 30 minutes of content, though this will vary since some puzzles can take multiple tries, or you could feasibly speed run the whole game in about half the time.

To make sure more people can enjoy this game, Fade Away features accessibility options in its Assist Mode. Players may choose to automatically succeed quick-time events, skip puzzles, or fade away more slowly.

Fade Away was created by Violet Fairy and Yi Xin Tan, with music from the amazing Andrea Mendoza, Jun Matoba, Adam Greis, and William Perry, and usability testing thanks to the incredible Yunrui "Billy" Wang and Justin Korn! Thank you so much to everyone who made this game possible!

To connect Joy-Con controllers, first turn on Bluetooth on your computer. Next, disconnect your Joy-Cons from your Switch. Finally, hold down the sync button (a small round button between the SL and SR buttons) on each Joy-Con until the LED lights start flashing. This works for both Mac and PC.

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