PC Nentrix Escape-S (Windows & Mac & Linux) za darmo)


Bardzo aktywny
14 Czerwiec 2020
Nentrix Escape-S is a free for limited time on itch.io. Ends January 15, 2023.

Nentrix Escape-S

Nentrix Escape-S simulates a fictional handheld console from circa 2006. Navigate the system menu, earn E-Coins, and spend them on loads of games, apps, and even wallpapers!

From the custom avatars to the ambient system menu, this game is sure to take you back to a time when the consoles themselves were just as entertaining as the games we played on them.

Nentrix Escape-S is an entirely offline simulation. Any suggested online interactivity is fictional. Names of businesses, products, and/or characters mentioned within this game are fictional and not intended to resemble or infringe upon any real-life IP.

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