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14 Czerwiec 2020
ShadowSENSE is a free for limited time on Ends October 24, 2022.


Shadow SENSES is an African warrior game with full understanding of personal wisdom because our main hero, Akin, is a truly gifted from the beginning of this game to the end by saving his world from dark and mind-manipulating forces.

This is a game about African warriors from a village whose people can heighten their senses at will. He has determination with his brother, Imari, as it appears clearly that exceptional might must save everyone and everything from the Shadow government, C.H.I.

- Unique action adventure
- In-depth story
- Hack n Slash with new weapons
- Unique game in which you have to locate enemies by discovering them
- Final attack to blind the enemy and kill them instantly.
- State of the art graphics
- Simple and clean UI / UX
- Easy access to game controls
- Navigation map for finding enemies
- Epic sword attacks and a devastating final attack.

The mission of this game is to save people by unleashing their superhero SENSES!

How to play ShadowSENSES:
Download and launch the game
2) Use the navigation map to locate enemies.
3) Use your keen senses to spot and kill samurai agents.

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